About us

Seayourboat Sarl, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, operates in the charter market and specializes in online booking for leisure purposes. The company aims to provide high-level services in the field of sea tourism, representing a vane, of chartering companies, from small local to the major global ones, and ensuring that you will find your dream yacht at the best possible price.

Every year our team sails in various destinations around the globe, pinpointing the best spots, places and attractions, as well as the most beautiful and exciting hidden gems, both in Greece and abroad.

To ensure the above mention quality, SeaYourBoat is continuously evolving its services, always having as key elements the security of the transactions and the cooperation with highly experienced yacht owners with proven trust in the industry.

It's now easier than ever to find a ship owner in any given navigation area.
Guaranteed quality of services.

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